Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana [Cow Based Farming] Per Month 900 Rs. Sahay Yojana Gujarat

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Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

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Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana : Hello friends | The Government of Gujarat has implemented many schemes for farmers in 2020. Under this scheme, a farmer doing cow-based farming gets Rs. 900 per month. The scheme of giving assistance has been implemented. Under this, all the farmers who do cow based farming get Rs 900 per month from the Gujarat government. Will be assisted.

If you also have one or two cows and you also want to apply in this scheme and Rs 900 per month. If you want to take financial help of this, then we have to submit the online application, registration form, application form and form in this scheme, when will get help, who can apply in this scheme and who cannot apply all about all Will provide information So read this article.

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

About Of Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana : Gujarat government has placed the burden on natural farming in 2020-21. Natural farming means low cost farming by cow dung and cow urine of the native cow, rather than bringing out the necessary materials for the growth of baking, making it by natural method itself. Simply put, do not bring khatar and bij bahar for farming, instead of doing indigenous natural farming yourself.

With this, the Gujarat government has implemented Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana with the aim that farmers will get more profits due to not spending more and strengthen the position of farmers in the state. Under the Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana, farmers will be given a financial assistance of Rs 900 per month to look after the cow. 66.50 crore rupees have been approved by the Government of Gujarat for Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana.

Objective Of Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana 

  1. Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana The main objective of farming is to increase the proof of natural farming in the state of Gujarat.
  2. To increase the storage capacity of the land by using indigenous Khatar made from cow dung and urine of indigenous cow rather than using Rashayanik Khatar.
  3. Promote the fruitfulness and culinary production of the land.
  4. Take more production for less cost.
  5. To improve the economic condition of farmers.
  6. Improvement in production and increase in prices.
  7. Rescue the water.

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Key Point of Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

Name of schemeCow Based Farming Assistance Scheme
Who appliedGovernment of Gujarat
In which stateIn the state of Gujarat
PurposeEvidence of natural farming
BeneficiaryAll the farmers of the state
Implementation year2020
Application type online
Official website

Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana form

Benefits from Cow Based Farming Assistance Scheme

  • Under the Cow Based Farming Sahay Yojana, all farmers who cultivate natural farming from indigenous cows are given Rs. 900 per month. Financial assistance of Rs.
  • Under cow-based farming Sahay Yojana, farmers doing natural farming from cow will get Rs 10800 per year. The financial assistance of the bank will be given directly in the bank account of the farmer.
  • By cultivating natural farming, the farmer will get more production at less cost.
  • Due to natural farming, the land of the farmer will be fruitful and the proof of production will increase.

Eligibility of farmer beneficiary for cow based farming assistance scheme

  • The beneficiary farmer should have a country cow with identification mark while applying.
  • The beneficiary farmer should be doing his farming from the native cow.
  • Foreign cow holder farmers will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, only one beneficiary will get benefit on one account number.
  • The beneficiary farmer must have trained with the master trainer of agriculture or natural farming.

Important Link For Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

Cow Based Assistance Scheme Circular : Download 

Cow Based Sahay Scheme Application : Click Here

Important documents for Gay Sahay Yojna

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. 8-A copy
  3. Bank passbook
  4. Cancellation check if bank passbook is not there
  5. Cow identification mark number
  6. Consent form of the other account holder if the owner of the land is joint

Cow Sahay Yojana Online Apply 

  • In cow based farming Sahay Yojana, the application has to be done online or through a computer operator.
  • After applying online, the beneficiary will have to take a print out of the application and put the right or thumb impression on that print along with the above mentioned documents and submit it to the Kheri of the village servant, BTM or project director of the SEJ
  • The beneficiary has to send all the documents added with the print of the application by putting a right or thumb impression.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Details In Hindi

Gay Sahay Yojana Online Apply

Follow the steps given below to apply for the Cow Based Farming Assistance Scheme online.

  • सबसे पहले I khedut पोर्टल पर जाए |
  • On the home page, the option of “યોજનાઓ” will appear, click on that option.

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

  • After clicking, a new page will open in which click on the option of ‘Click here to apply’ in front of the option of “Spiritual Natural Agricultural Schemes” in the option of “Other Schemes”.

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

  • As soon as you click, a new page will open From there, click on the “Apply” option in front of the option of “Scheme to provide maintenance assistance for a cow to a farmer family doing full natural farming based on native cows”.
  • Go ahead by registering the requested information.
  • Click on the new application option and enter all the information sought.

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

  • After entering all the information, click on save and save. And confirm the application.

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana

  • After confirming the application, no changes will be made in it.
  • After confirming the application, upload the documents and submit the application.
  • After submitting the application, take a print out of the application.
  • Put your right or thumb in the printed application. And with the application, both the parties should put their right or thumb on the necessary documents.
  • After the above process is complete, the application and all the documents will have to be submitted to the village servant, BTM or project director’s Kachari.

Procedure for payment to beneficiary under Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat

  • The applications made by the beneficiaries will be approved after a full check.
  • 900 per month for accommodation of cow for all approved applications. The financial correct will be sent to the bank account of the beneficiary farmer through DBT / RTGS.

  • Excess expenditure of cow from April to June quarter in July, accommodation expenditure of cow from July to September in October, accommodation expenditure of quarter from October to December in January and accommodation expense of quarter from January to March in the bank account of farmer beneficiary in April The amount of financial assistance will be sent with 3 months.

Rs 900 per cow Sahay scheme Some conditions and rules

  1. A farmer beneficiary has paid Rs. 900 per cow. Sahay will have taken benefit under the scheme and if he is doing farming using the National Khatar, then Sahay will be stopped immediately.
  2. There will be a survey every 3 months and if any problem arises, the assistance of the beneficiary farmer will be stopped.
  3. When the native cow dies, Sahay will be stopped. When the farmer has to take help on another cow, then a new application has to be made.
  4. If the farmer beneficiary dies of the cow, has to sell the cow, then immediately the news will be given to the village servant and the Sahay should be stopped.
  5. 900 per cow to the farmer beneficiary. The rules of Sahay Yojana will have to be strictly followed.

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FAQ Gay Sahay Yojana 2020

♦ Cow based farming Sahay Yojana has been started for whom?
Cow based farming Sahay Yojana has been started for all the farmers of Gujarat state.

♦ Who will benefit under Gay Palan Yojana?
Under the Gay Palan Yojana, the farmer who takes up natural farming on the basis of cow can avail the benefit. Means you do native farming.

♦ How many rupees will be provided to the farmer beneficiary under the cow based Sahay scheme?
Under the cow-based Farming Sahay Yojana, the farmer beneficiary gets Rs. 900 per month. Will get financial assistance of Rs. Which will be given with the amount of 3-3 months. 10800 per year Will get financial assistance of Rs.

. ♦ Rs 900 per cow How to apply for Sahay?
But cow Rs 900. To get the benefit of Sahay, interested beneficiary will have to apply online. The beneficiary can also apply on-line or can go to any csc center or public service center.

♦ Where will the form of Gay Palan Yojana be found?
To get the form of Gay Palan Yojana, you must first apply online or get it done. After the application, you will get your filled-in form.

♦ After applying online for Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana, where will the form be submitted?
After applying online, you will have to submit the application form and the documents sought and submitted to your local village servant, BTM or project director at Kacheri.

♦ When will I get help after applying under Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana?
After applying, when your application will be accepted in full, then your help will start coming.


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