Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020 : Online Application Form

By | May 15, 2021

Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020 

Hello friends | The Gujarat government has implemented a new scheme for the farmers of the state of Gujarat. Whose name is “Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020” | Under this scheme, all the farmers should buy solar light trap i.e. ‘solar light energy powered animal trap’ in order to avoid sowing grains in their fields For all farmers the government will pay 90% of the net or Rs 4500.

Gujarat government has implemented all the schemes for the benefit of the farmers and they got good profits from farming. Today we will share detailed information about “Solar Light Trap Scheme” in this article, In which about this scheme, how to apply under the scheme, where will the application form be found, where is the application form to be submitted, the necessary documents for the application, how much help will be received, all the information will be included in this article.

So if you also want help to purchase solar light under Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020, then read this article.And if you like it, then share it with your relatives and ask them to take advantage of this scheme too.

Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020

About Of Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020

Keeping in mind the importance of agricultural and plantation crops, planting crops by the Government of Gujarat as various crops such as cotton, diva, castor, and dadam, chilli, tentacles, mango and vegetable crops. Implemented “Solar-powered animal capture trap scheme” (Gujarat Solar Light Trap Scheme 2020) to eradicate crop wasting insects.

Farmers of the state hope to earn good profits by sowing the crop, but different types of insects that waste the crop destroy the crop. And keeping in mind that the farmer does not get the desired profits, the Gujarat Government has started the Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020.Under this scheme, all the farmers will have a financial assistance of Rs 4500 or 90% of the purchase price for setting up solar light traps to catch and destroy the crop destroying insects ie animals. The government will give as a support.

Under this scheme, the solar light trap to be planted in the farmer’s farm will destroy the insects or live animals that spoil the crop and the worms will get good profit due to non-worsening of the crop. Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana A good scheme for farmers will be included, says Aisha, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai.

The Gujarat government has released a budget of Rs 5 crore for the Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana.

Purpose of Solar Light Trap Scheme

The main objective of Solar light Trap Yojana is to provide financial assistance to the farmers for purchasing Solar Light Trap destroying crop-destroying insects. With the help of this solar light trap, the farmers will get protection from the crops that waste the crop and the crop will be lost due to destruction and you will get good profits.

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Key Point Of Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020

Name of schemeSolar light trap scheme
The scope of the SchemeOnly in the state of Gujarat
ObjectiveAssisting the farmer to buy solar light trap. Which will protect the crop from insects
When was startedSeptember 2020
BeneficiaryAll farmers of Gujarat state
Application typeOffline

Benefits of Solar Light Trap Scheme

In this solar light trap Yojana of Gujarat government, the farmer will have to spend Rs. 4500 or 90% of the purchase price of solar light trap machine for buying state government solar light trap She will give it as a help. Farmers falling in the general category will get 90% or 3500 rupees less than the purchase price of solar light trap machine.

Applicant farmer eligibility in Solar light trap Yojana

The eligibility of the farmer to avail benefits under this scheme is given below.

  • Applicant farmers must be holding land in the state of Gujarat.
  • The applicant farmer must be over 18 years of age.
  • All farmers of Gujarat state can avail benefits under this scheme.

Documents required for application

  • Applicant Farmer’s Aadhaar Card
  • Land documents of 7/12 8 A.
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Bank passbook

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How to apply for assistance in the scheme?

If any farmer of Gujarat state has to take benefits or financial assistance under this scheme, then he has to give all the documents written above with the form to the dealer carved in this scheme or to his village servant. There is no need to apply online for this.

Some highlights of Solar Light Trap Scheme

  • Under this scheme, all the farmers of the state of Gujarat will get benefits.
  • For this scheme, the Gujarat government has issued a budget of Rs 5 crore.
  • If there are joint account holders only one farmer will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • There will be joint account holders and if any one of them wants to take benefit under this scheme, then the consent sheets of other account holders will have to be given.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be re-availed after 3 years.
  • One farmer will get 2 solar traps.
  • The application form of this scheme will have to be submitted to your village servant.
  • The dealer will give the machine to the applicant farmer after deducting the amount of subsidy.
  • The dealer will have to apply in the i khedut portal after giving the machine to the farmer.

Resolution of Solar Light Trap Scheme

Click to download:- 👉👉👉👉 Resolution Of Solar Light Trap Scheme

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